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Taking The First Steps To Get Answers After A Loss

It can be hard to know what to do in the days, weeks and even months after the tragic loss of a family member, spouse or child. Patrick Flynn, Attorney at Law in Albany is experienced in these emotional and traumatic issues. He offers calm guidance and solid support to those who wish to pursue legal action after a tragic accident.

When Is A Wrongful Death Case Appropriate?

It can be difficult to determine when to pursue legal action after the loss of someone you love. Patrick understands that you have questions that need answers. He also knows that you need to tell your story. He also wants to hold those who caused this horrible and potentially preventable loss accountable for their actions.

There are many situations where pursuing a wrongful death case makes sense. The most common events that prompt a case are motor vehicle and semi-truck crashes and when a medical professional causes a death. Many people do not realize that in some cases, a medication error can be the root cause of a fatal event. Sometimes an accident at work may have catastrophic results. If you are unsure of what caused your loved one’s passing, schedule a time to talk with Patrick. He will give you his professional opinion and tell you what he can do for you.

When warranted, Patrick will call in a network of experts to investigate the issue. These people know how to research and what evidence to look for. You need closure after the loss of someone you care about. Patrick will seek to get answers to your questions and fair compensation when appropriate. These cases do have a statute of limitations on them. Patrick will advise you of the timeline. If you do have questions, it is best to act quickly.

The Help You Need In This Difficult Time

The loss of a loved one can leave a hole in your life. Additionally, having to deal with what seems like an endless barrage of paperwork can feel overwhelming. Patrick Flynn has extensive experience with wrongful death cases. He offers compassionate guidance and support for you and your family through the most difficult of times.

You can reach Patrick at his Albany law office by calling 229-234-1863. He also accepts email inquires from this website.