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Sensitive Counsel In Georgia Sexual Abuse And Molestation Cases

Sexual abuse is a horrific crime that can take years for the victim to recover from. Patrick Flynn is an attorney who seeks to hold those who could have done something to prevent or stop sexual abuse or misconduct accountable.

While nothing can turn back the hands of time, an experienced attorney can keep the wheels of justice moving forward. Call or email Patrick Flynn, Attorney at Law in Albany to have a discussion about what can be done.

Your Privacy And Healing Is Paramount

Moving forward does mean leaving the incident behind you. Part of that process is holding those in charge accountable. People who could have and should have done something need to acknowledge their part in what happened. Holding those in authority accountable also means that appropriate action is taken to prevent abuse from happening to someone else.

Patrick Flynn is a personal injury attorney who works with those who were injured and their family members such as their parents or guardians. Possible victims could range from children as young as toddlers to older students who are in high school, college and beyond.

Patrick has decades of experience with sexual molestation, abuse matters and other personal injury cases. He will investigate to find out if there was anyone who allowed the misconduct or abuse to happen and did nothing to prevent it. He will ascertain whether there was a lack of supervision, failure to do a background check or monitor the scene at the time. He will find out if someone “looked the other way” and help take legal action against them.

Work With An Attorney Who Will Shield Your Privacy

After an incident of abuse or misconduct, the victim and the family need privacy. Albany attorney Patrick Flynn understands the sensitive nature of this issue. He will provide confidential counsel and work to ensure that no further injury is suffered. All consultations are 100% confidential. You are never required to take action unless you are ready. The choice to move forward is always your decision. To have a first meeting, call Patrick at 229-234-1863.