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Workplace Accidents: Getting Injured Never Comes With The Job

When you suffer injuries on the job, you often face expensive medical bills, lost wages during recovery, and even temporary or permanent disability. Many people are aware that they are entitled to file a claim for compensation under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. The money does not always cover the physical and financial damage that resulted from a workplace accident. Unfortunately, many people quit here not knowing that they may actually be entitled to more money through a personal injury lawsuit.

Patrick Flynn, Attorney at Law, can represent you in a personal injury lawsuit when the negligent actions of a third party caused your workplace accident. With more than 20 years of statewide litigation experience, he knows the courts and the judges. With his office in Albany, Patrick can quickly investigate the scene and preserve vital evidence.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Are Different

Despite common assumption, workers’ compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits are two distinct processes. While they both involve on-the-job injuries, there are some very important differences. In a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia:

  • You must prove fault: Someone must have done something wrong. He or she must have been careless or even intentionally negligent in some way.
  • You are entitled to recover for a wider range of damages: These include pain and suffering and hedonic damages such as the loss of enjoyment.
  • You can sue a third party: This includes the driver of a passenger vehicle, subcontractors, manufacturers, property owners and other individuals.
  • You cannot sue your employer: The exclusive remedy law in Georgia requires your employer to provide workers’ comp insurance, but it excludes you from being able to bring a lawsuit against your employer.

Working with a personal injury attorney who understands Georgia personal injury law is crucial. Your health and future are too important to leave to chance. Instead, speak with an attorney such as Patrick Flynn who can help you understand your right to compensation.

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