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Get The Legal Help You Need After A Bicycle Accident In Georgia

If you or someone you know has been involved in a serious bicycle accident, it’s important to understand the legal options available. Because the injuries are often so devastating, the skills of an experienced attorney are critical in pursuing the rightful compensation you deserve.

I am Patrick Flynn, a proven trial attorney based in Albany. My law firm is dedicated to providing strong legal representation for bicyclists who have been injured when hit by cars, trucks or other vehicles. My commitment extends across southern Georgia, and my mission is to ensure that my clients get the compensation needed to rebuild their lives.

Compensation For Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents can have a profound impact on the lives of those involved. Without the protective enclosure that vehicles provide, bicyclists are particularly vulnerable in traffic. When an accident occurs, the cyclist may suffer from:

  • Severe injuries that necessitate long-term medical treatment, including broken bones, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury
  • A loss of income and earning capacity due to time off work or disability
  • Emotional distress, including trauma, and pain and suffering
  • The financial strain of rehabilitation and recovery expenses

Recognizing these challenges, my approach is to offer compassionate yet assertive legal counsel to help you pursue maximum compensation. Because I bring a deep understanding of personal injury law to each case I handle, I know that behind each motor vehicle accident case is an important human story. Whether you are the injured party or the next-of-kin of a bicyclist who has tragically lost their life to a wrongful death, my firm is committed to providing the support and representation you need during this difficult time.

Why Choose Patrick Flynn For Your Bicycle Crash Injury Case

Selecting the right attorney after a bicycle accident is a decision that can shape your future. Clients trust me, Patrick Flynn, for several reasons:

  •  My experience as a trial attorney and car accident attorney equips me with the knowledge and tenacity needed to face off against insurance companies, ensuring that my clients’ rights are protected in bicycle crash injury cases.
  • I carry out thorough investigations of all types of car accidents, both in Albany and throughout Georgia.
  • My approach to seeking maximum compensation is customized to each client’s unique circumstances and I have a proven record of results.
  • My recognition in the legal community, including selection for inclusion to the Georgia Super Lawyers list, works to your advantage by showing the other side you are serious about asserting your rights.

I offer flexible meeting options for potential clients, including videoconferences, phone consultations and in-person meetings anywhere in Georgia. Moreover, I represent injury clients on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay attorney fees until I recover compensation on your behalf.

Get Advice Now About Your Bike Accident Case

Time is of the essence after a bicycle accident. Getting a lawyer promptly can greatly influence the result of your case. An immediate investigation can safeguard crucial evidence, and obtaining legal advice early on can defend your rights against insurance companies that may try to devalue your claim.

To arrange a free case evaluation with me, call 229-446-4886 or complete the brief contact form.