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I-16/I-75 Interchange Car Accidents Attorney

At Patrick Flynn, Attorney at Law, I bring more than 25 years of courtroom experience to motor vehicle accident claims. I serve clients statewide, including throughout Macon and Cobb counties, to help them secure maximum financial compensation for their injuries suffered in traffic collisions due to another driver’s negligent behavior. In my career as a personal injury lawyer, I have obtained tens of millions of dollars in trial verdicts and out-of-court settlements.

My clients have suffered serious injuries in collisions all over the region, including the Interstate 16/Interstate 75 interchange. This massive road construction project was supposed to improve traffic conditions for residents. In a sad irony, the project has caused a spike in dangerous wrecks. Issues contributing to the danger include:

  • A confusing series of signs and required lane changes due to the ongoing construction
  • Drivers waiting until the last minute to change lanes, forcing others to slam the brakes
  • Distracted drivers failing to yield or brake when necessary

Unfortunately, a combination of unsafe driving conditions and reckless motorists has caused numerous car accidents and significant injuries since the I-16/I-75 split project began in 2017. With construction still ongoing as of 2024, this danger continues to be a problem for the local community. If you get caught in a wreck on the interchange, you could be left badly hurt, unable to work, care for your children or live independently. Working with me and my proven litigation solutions can help you obtain fair compensation for things like your lost wages, pain and suffering and medical bills.

Contact Me As Soon As You Can After A Crash On The Interchange

If you were injured in an auto accident on the I-16/I-75 split, your time to take legal action could be running out. To get started, contact the Albany office of Patrick Flynn, Attorney at Law, at 229-446-4886 to schedule a free case evaluation. You can also fill out my short online form if you prefer.