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A Proven And Responsive Georgia Attorney For Personal Injury

After a serious car or vehicle crash, slip-and-fall or medical error, you need an accomplished personal injury lawyer to protect your rights and pursue compensation that will cover all your costs and losses, both physical and intangible (such as pain and suffering).

At my law firm, Patrick Flynn, Attorney at Law, you will have direct access to me and benefit from my extensive Georgia personal injury experience in both federal and state courts. My name is Patrick Flynn, and I understand the importance of strategy, evidence, and expert and witness testimony to strengthen my clients’ cases. My mission is to effectively present your case and help you obtain the maximum compensation available.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases That I Handle

There are many ways that an injury can happen. If your injury was caused by someone else not paying attention, acting recklessly or disobeying safety rules, you may have a viable personal injury case. I can assist with a wide range of case types including:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle crashes on streets, highways and other locations
  • Misdiagnosis, surgical errors, birth errors, medication errors and other forms of medical malpractice
  • Premises liability in slip-and-fall cases, chemical and burn injury cases and dog bites
  • Food poisoning, workplace accidents and product liability claims
  • Negligence, preventable errors leading to injury and sexual abuse involving lack of supervision

Medical malpractice cases require a deep knowledge of both duty of care and negligence within health care settings. I know how to investigate and recover important evidence. I consult with a network of experts to gather evidence for such cases. I work hard to prepare and present solid claims on behalf of my clients. With decades of experience, I can readily ascertain what any medical malpractice case is likely to be worth.

Get The Legal Support You Need After An Injury

As an accomplished trial attorney, I am also a skilled negotiator. Most cases will settle before a trial. When the other side refuses to offer reasonable compensation, I will take your case to court. Read about the cases I have been involved with.

Get in touch with me today. Call my Albany law office at 229-446-4886. You can also send a personal injury case inquiry email, and I will respond promptly.