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A Special Understanding Of Burn Injuries

Burns are considered by many to be the most painful of all injuries. While every injury is different, these are not only painful but can lead to permanent scarring, disfigurement and impairment. Recovery can take a long time and require significant financial resources.

There are many personal injury attorneys who can help with a simple car crash, but burn cases require a specific understanding of the healing process. Patrick Flynn, Attorney at Law in Albany, understands the trauma these injuries have on each victim and on the victim’s family. Work with an attorney who has a proven history in burn cases.

It’s Important To Act Quickly In A Burn Injury Case

Burn injuries are typically caused by explosions, chemicals and fires. Unfortunately, this can mean that evidence can be readily destroyed during clean-up. Many people want to take a “wait-and-see” approach after a burn injury. This is rarely, if ever, in your best interest as the evidence is often needed to effectively prove negligence, and by extension, liability.

Evidence can include gas lines, wiring, code violations and even product or equipment malfunction or defects.

Not all burns are caused by fire or chemicals. In a motorcycle accident, a person may suffer “road rash”,  which is a type of burn that is caused by friction.

Burns are catastrophic and require the utmost medical care. The cost of the necessary treatment can be astronomical. This is why you need to speak with an attorney who is adept at personal injury cases.  Patrick Flynn will investigate and pull in his network of experts to collect and preserve the evidence to present the strongest case possible on your behalf.

Connect With Patrick Flynn About Your Potential Burn Injury Case

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