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Providing You The Help You Need After A Serious Injury

My name is Patrick Flynn. For over 25 years, I have provided effective representation in civil and commercial litigation to individuals and entities throughout Georgia. Thanks to my extensive background in personal injury law, my clients trust my guidance.With my previous work at a large firm, I am well prepared to take on complex cases.

From my firm in Albany, Patrick Flynn, Attorney at Law, I can offer you knowledgeable and customized legal guidance tailored to your needs after an accidental injury.

Big-Firm Ability. Small-Firm Responsiveness.

Responsiveness is a large part of my winning strategy. Because my firm is local and near my clients, I can strategically address local concerns and dynamics – the very things that out-of-town lawyers commonly overlook. Complementing my work are talented and hard-working administrative staff members who keep communication channels open. Both my staff and I are committed to making sure that you have direct face-to-face access to me, your lawyer, when key questions arise.

Respect among legal professionals is a major strength that I bring to the table. I often try cases before judges and juries throughout the state. I have earned a solid reputation and will serve you with integrity, confidence and commitment. I understand how to approach each case with insights and skills appropriate to each client’s needs.

Results are what my clients look for above all. My ever-growing list of favorable outcomes speaks to my dedication to procuring justice for the injured. Through accident injury claims and civil litigation, I regularly obtain six- and seven-figure verdicts and settlements for people who have suffered injuries in car crashes and other types of accidents as well as for close family members.

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To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your case and learn how my staff and I can assist you, please reach out by email to my Albany, Georgia law office today. You can also call 229-234-1863.