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An Attorney’s Guidance On Getting Your Medical Bills Paid After An Accident

Very soon after you experience pain and suffering in a motor vehicle accident, you will likely begin to worry about the financial aspects of your recovery. The good news is that most people do find avenues of support. The challenge, however, is discovering how to get the treatments you need before your car accident case settles. There is no substitute for an experienced lawyer on your side at a time like this.

My name is Patrick Flynn. At my Albany, Georgia, law firm, Patrick Flynn, Attorney at Law, I advise people who have been injured in crashes such as car, truck and motorcycle accidents. My clients typically feel overwhelmed and bewildered by the difficulties involved in getting their medical bills paid. I help them overcome obstacles along the way to compensation and recovery.

Every Case Is Unique. Your Medical Care Is A Top Priority.

The average person doesn’t have experience with high-stakes legal action and insurance claims until disaster strikes. The catch-22 for people who have been injured in car and truck accidents often amounts to this:

  • They need prompt, quality medical care to improve their chances of a return to health as well as to demonstrate their willingness to do their parts to get well soon. Medical bills will soon mount up.
  • They may have a settlement or verdict coming, but it can take months or a year or longer to receive this type of compensation. Their lawyers emphasize the importance of taking time to get a clear prognosis.

As an accomplished personal injury attorney, I understand what you need to do to get your medical bills paid in one or more of these ways:

  • Through your medical insurance
  • Through your auto insurance
  • By way of a medical or attorney lien
  • Through public funds, such as Medicaid
  • Through insurance or financial resources from a negligent driver who caused your accident

If you have health insurance, it is usually fine to use that at first while your case moves forward – possibly slowly. Some of your bills may be paid by your auto insurance, too. If another driver was at fault, then they may be responsible for paying your medical expenses and otherwise compensating you. A thorough investigation followed by negotiations, mediation or litigation can lead to a verdict or settlement that will cover your medical bills. At that time, others who have already paid some of your bills (such as your private health insurance company) may pursue reimbursement.

Clearly, there are many doors to knock on and problems to solve as you grapple with medical bills, therapy bills and lost wages. Thanks to my experience and many successful outcomes for other clients, I am confident that I can help you discover, understand and tap into all appropriate sources of support at all stages of your personal injury case.

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It is important to call a lawyer who can guide you through the process of getting appropriate health insurance and car insurance companies to pay your medical bills. I understand the seriousness of your situation if you have been injured in a traffic accident. I am ready to help determine all options that are available to you. If necessary, I will identify doctors who will treat you before receiving payment.

Let me hear from you. I am eager to help you get your medical bills paid and recover all other compensation you are eligible for after a motor vehicle accident with injuries. Call me at 229-446-4886 or send an email inquiry to schedule a no-obligation discussion with me at your earliest convenience.