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What are my options after a pedestrian accident?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Because of the size difference between a pedestrian and a full-sized vehicle, victims of pedestrian accidents frequently suffer serious or catastrophic injuries.

As a result, injured pedestrians in Dougherty County and other parts of southwest Georgia might face medical bills and rehabilitation costs in the six figures or even beyond. Furthermore, their injuries may leave them unable to work, perhaps permanently.

Finally, both they and their families suffer emotional and other losses that, although hard to give an exact dollar value, are very real and frequently life-changing.

Filing a personal injury suit against a negligent motorist may not be enough

After a pedestrian accident, a victim can sue the responsible motorist for negligence to recover their losses.

Unfortunately, though, sometimes the negligent driver responsible for the accident may have not carried enough insurance and has no other means of paying for a victim’s extensive injuries.

Sadly, some drivers also choose to leave the accident scene after they strike a pedestrian and never got caught.

In these cases, a victim should not give up hope. For example, they may be able to claim compensation from their own insurance company if they purchased uninsured motorist coverage.

They may also have underinsured motorist coverage to protect them from situations where a negligent driver had insurance but it is not nearly enough compensate for a victim’s losses.

Finally, pedestrians may be able to file a legal claim against other institutions responsible for their injuries.

To give just one example, if a pedestrian was on someone else’s property, the property owner may share responsibility for the accident in some cases. In other situations, government bodies may be responsible for not posting adequate signs or for other safety oversights.

There is a lot to think about after suffering a major injury in a pedestrian accident, but victims in and around Albany still need to be aware of their rights and options.

If they miss important details in this respect, it could cost them valuable compensation that they both need and deserve.