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What are some common reasons for wrongful death suits?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Wrongful Death |

No one wants to get the sad news that their loved one has been killed in an accident.

The emotional fallout from a tragic, unexpected loss is profound. In some sense, the loss is too much to put a dollar figure on.

However, the emotional loss aside, a family will have to figure out how to pay for costs like a funeral, final medical bills and the like. If the deceased was a breadwinner, then the family will also have to figure out how to replace the lost income.

When another person contributed to the death, it is simply not fair that the family bear these costs alone. The family should consider pursuing their legal options against those who actually caused their loved one’s death.

Georgia families may have legal claims after the death of a loved one

Like other states, Georgia allows wrongful death lawsuits. Albany-area families may be in the unfortunate position where they need to consider filing a wrongful death claim for compensation in a number of tragic situations.

  • One of the most common causes of fatalities is motor vehicle accidents. Too often, a person dies in an accident because of the negligence of another driver. Particularly if the accident involves a commercial vehicle, filing a wrongful death claim can be complicated after a motor vehicle accident.
  • A person may suffer a fatal work-related accident. Many times, workers’ compensation is either not available or not enough to cover a victim’s losses. A family may have other options for recovery.
  • Many times, deadly work-related accidents also involve motor vehicles. This can make a claim more complicated.
  • A person may fall victim to medical malpractice, including a medication error. On this point, it is important to remember that medical professionals may still be responsible for negligence even if a patient was already sick or injured.
  • To give just one example of how a medical malpractice claim might work, if a patient dies of injuries in a motor vehicle accident in part because of a doctor’s mistakes, the doctor may be responsible along with the negligent driver that caused the accident.

After any fatal accident, a family will likely need to figure out how to handle the financial fallout from their loss.

They should make sure that they understand all the paths available to them for receiving compensation, especially if they believe someone else’s negligence caused their loved one’s death.