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Motorcycle safety is the focus of a month-long Georgia campaign

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In Georgia, auto accidents are a known problem. Some people, however, are at greater risk than others of being hurt and losing their lives. Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists fall into this category.

The difference for motorcyclists is that they use the interstate and share the road with trucks and cars. When there is a collision, it is frequently at high speed making it a higher chance that there will be a catastrophic outcome.

To emphasize the need for motorcycle safety, the Georgia Department of Driver Services Motorcycle Safety Program presents a month-long campaign.

With it, GMSP is telling everyone on the road that Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month will be in effect for the entire month of May. Still, that is unlikely to prevent many accidents from happening and riders should think about their future if they have been in this type of crash.

Motorcyclists are often in jeopardy when taking to the roads

The objective is to highlight the challenges riders face and mitigate them as much as possible. Called “Share the Road,” drivers and riders are being told that there is a greater chance of car-motorcycle collisions as the warmer weather approaches.

Statistically, riders are injured and killed at a far higher rate than others. For every mile they travel, they have 28 times more of a chance to lose their lives than those in a passenger vehicle. They have five times that chance of being injured.

A common catalyst for accidents is if the driver of a passenger vehicle or truck is simply not paying attention or does not see a motorcyclist. Despite the campaign, the hope is that the lessons learned will help people throughout the year. As an example of the potential dangers riders face, there were 192 motorcyclist deaths in the state for 2020 alone.

Drivers of passenger vehicles are advised to give motorcyclists plenty of room and to be vigilant in risky areas like intersections. Riders should wear gear that is reflective to make them easily visible. They should not ride in poor weather.

Safety initiatives aside, riders are at risk and should seek help after an accident

Motorcyclists are keenly aware that they are vulnerable to accidents with terrible consequences. They still ride because it is an enjoyable activity and they do what they can to maintain safety.

Unfortunately, even with safety campaigns, there are likely to be a great number of motorcycle accidents on state roads. Given the medical costs, lost time on the job and other long-term challenges, it is imperative to have professional assistance to decide how to move forward. Contacting those who are experienced in pursuing cases can be critical from the start.