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Statistics highlight dangers on Georgia roads

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Our state has so many beautiful sights to see. If you want to kayak in Flint River in Albany, or take a drive to catch an upcoming Falcons game in Atlanta, your car or truck is your option to get you to the many wonders of Georgia.

Unfortunately, getting to your destination is not always an easy task and can lead to danger. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, 2017 crash data reveals that Georgia is ranked fourth in the United States for traffic fatalities. Behind this unfortunate place on the list are real Georgians, with loved ones.

More data on auto-accident injuries

Car accidents injure and fatally wound people in Georgia. According to Georgia data, for the years 2019 to 2021, close to 300,000 emergency room trips happened due to car accidents. Over 90,000 visits occurred in 2021 alone. More Georgians than could fit in even the largest capacity football stadium in the country. For all those ER injuries, each is not just a moment in time, but could also mean long-lasting injury, disability or other life-altering problems. And sadly, many of these accidents lead to death.

The 2017 data from Georgia also points to the dangers for riders of all ages. Especially, troubling is the point that car accident injuries caused the most fatalities for Georgians aged 5 to 24.

What should I do if I get injured in a car crash?

If you or a loved relative are hurt as the result of car accident, you do not have to deal with the injuries alone. If the accident is due to another driver’s negligence, you may seek recovery from the Albany, Georgia, liable party. An aggressive attorney, skilled in managing these types of cases could be an asset as they are familiar with insurance companies, law enforcement and other attorneys. They can help you navigate your options.