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Patients’ ability to pay doesn’t alter professional standards of care

On Behalf of | May 18, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Healthcare coverage is essential in a family. Life often hands you something that you could not have anticipated and you have no choice but to deal with it in the most effective way possible once it is upon you. Once you are married and have children, you pray that your children are strong and healthy and that nothing ever happens to them.

One problem is that many patients or parents of patients (if children are involved) must travel far to get the help that they need, The resulting bills can be astronomical.

Standards of care

If a hospital treats a patient and spares no expense and the patient has difficulty paying for that treatment, the patient may find themselves in a position in which they will no longer be regarded in the same way by the hospital and they may receive inferior treatment.

It’s important to remember that medical professional standards don’t go up or down depending on whether a patient can afford to pay. When treating a patient, doctors, nurses and others must provide care that is up to professional standards. If they fail to do so, and the patient is harmed as a result, the injured may seek compensation for their damages through a claim on the basis of medical malpractice.

Valuable advice from an experienced medical malpractice lawyer

If you find yourself in a similar position and you are struggling to pay medical bills as a result of treatment that you or your child needed from a hospital, the legal support of a Georgia medical malpractice lawyer may help your case a great deal. The lawyer can help you to navigate the process and advise you on following the appropriate steps for a hopefully positive outcome.