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What can be done after an accident with an uninsured driver?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

People in Georgia rely on their vehicles to be able to go to the various destinations they need to get to each day, but people take risks every time they drive. Drivers can certainly control the actions and the choices they make, but they cannot control the decisions and actions of other drivers. This means that even if drivers are doing everything they are supposed to do, they could still end up in a motor vehicle accident.

All drivers in Georgia are required to have automobile insurance for their vehicles. Insurance is important so that when drivers cause accidents, the victims of the accidents receive the compensation they need to repair or replace their vehicles and pay for medical bills they may incur as a result of the injuries. However, even though it is required, not every driver has insurance for their vehicles or their policy limits do not cover all of the damages suffered by the victims.

This can leave victims in a difficult position as they try to pay for the damages on their own. Most likely the uninsured driver does not have the money to pay for it on their own. However, in these situations people may be able to receive compensation from their own insurance company through uninsured motorist coverage.

How uninsured motorist coverage works

Uninsured motorist coverage is much like liability insurance, except for it is the driver’s own insurance policy that pays for the damages. There are limits set for the coverage and insurance companies will still work to determine fault or percentages of fault before simply paying the claims. Uninsured motorist coverage can also help pay for damages that may have occurred as a result of a hit and run accident when the victim does not know who was responsible for causing the accident.

Uninsured motorist coverage can be important for drivers in Georgia. Just like drivers cannot predict the actions of other drivers on the road, they also cannot control whether other drivers have insurance for their vehicles. While uninsured motorist coverage can help compensate victims of motor vehicle accidents, the victims may still have disagreements with the insurance company over the extent of the damages. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of the compensation and may be able to help guide one through the process.