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How can I stay prepared for the possibility of a car accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The idea of a car accident is scary for most drivers. However, for Georgia residents, they are just a fact of life. As such, we should prepare for them, including accidents that may occur because of the weather. This can best be done with emergency car kits.

What is needed immediately after an accident?

Everyone should have some form of a camera, whether it comes from a phone or a dashboard that could record 360 degrees. Though, one that just records the front of a vehicle is often sufficient. These can do a great job of proving fault in every motor vehicle accident. In addition, in the glove compartment or middle console, keep a post-car accident folder, which includes our auto insurance card, medical insurance information and emergency phone numbers, like family member’s numbers.

Emergency kits

In addition to being prepared for the immediate aftermath of an accident, think about what you would need, if you got stranded generally and create an emergency kit. This will include a tow rope/chain and a flat tire kit or spare tire kit. Do not forget jumper cables and a jumpstart kit as well, along with a multitool, flashlight, batteries, backup power supply, duct tape, rain poncho, a compass and road safety supplies. For visibility, road safety supplies could include a safety vest, flairs, or reflective objects.

Car accident items

Post car accident supplies should also be in everyone’s car. These include a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. That first aid kit, at a minimum, should contain hydrocortisone, thermometer, tweezers, gauze, tape, bandages, antibiotic ointment, cold compresses, aspirin, nonlatex gloves and scissors.

Stranded preparedness

One thing that many of us may not think about is if we are stranded. This could be because of weather, a tire blowout, a single-vehicle accident, etc. But, there are also items that we can stock for these emergencies. First, think about what we would eat and drink. Pack nonperishable food items protein and energy bars, unsalted nuts, hard candy, dried fruits and drinking water. Do not forget to check these items periodically for expiration.