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How cerebral palsy can harm a child’s development

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

A delivery day can come with equal parts stress and joy. Whether you’re bringing your first child into the world or the latest addition in a budding family, hopes are high that the delivery is seamless. But, while a delivery is often monitored by medical personnel, it doesn’t mean it will be without complication.

Birth injuries are an unfortunate possibility. One such prominent injury is cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is likely most known for how it affects muscle tone and basic movements, but other symptoms can range significantly.

How it can affect a child

Cerebral palsy can complicate and delay many aspects of childhood. Not only is muscle tone and movement affected, but general balance can also prove to be troublesome. The key moments of a child’s development, particularly in the progression of their motor skills and speech, will likely fall behind when compared to others around their age.

Conditions that lead to cerebral palsy

There is unfortunately several ways cerebral palsy can form within your child. It can stem from complications during the delivery itself, a condition visible during pregnancy, or even both.

While even a seamless delivery can raise stress, there is the possibility that an infant’s air supply may be compromised as trouble arises. This can lead to brain damage, heightening the risk of this birth injury, as well as others.

A mother’s health condition may require a watchful eye from medical personnel both during prenatal care and the delivery itself. Without proper monitoring of the mother and what special care she may need, it can affect the delivery itself.

A delivery team may also falter in the drugs they administer, be they the wrong drugs or wrong dosages. Or the typical tools of a delivery, in the forceps or vacuum extractor, may cause more harm than help.

If cerebral palsy occurs

In the aftermath of a birth injury, seeking out the help of a seasoned legal professional can be beneficial. Medical malpractice is a widespread issue, though pinpointing the cause of it and building a strong case often requires a strong defense. In trying times, reaching out for help like this can make all the difference in the world.