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What do I tell 911 after a crash?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Even for the most cautious Georgia drivers among us can get into a car accident at some point in our lives. After all, given enough time on the roads, statistically, everyone will be involved in a car accident.  While we may know to take photographs of the accident scene, get witness information and the contact and exchange insurance information with the other driver, in the confusion of the moment we may forget some of these actions. It can help to prepare for the possibility by previewing what to do after an accident. One action people often don’t think about is what to say when they call 911 after an accident.

Mental preparedness

First, and foremost, remember that the point of this call is to get help as fast as possible. This means being able to give the 911 operator all the information they need. Stay calm during the call. Before dialing 9-1-1, take a deep breath to mentally prepare, and then, make the call.

Location, location, location

The first bit of information that the 911 operator will ask is the emergency location. Before making the call, get the location of the motor vehicle accident. This can quickly be doe by taking a look at one’s location on their in-dash navigation system or the GPS on one’s phone. This is especially important because cellphones are notorious for unreliability on the road, but if the 911 operator knows where the emergency is, even if they do not know the accident details, they can dispatch first responders.

Do not mitigate the need for help

Due to a plethora of issues facing first responders over the last few years, 911 operators attempt to mitigate the need for first responders, when necessary. This means that if one downplays the severity of the car accident or the nature of the injuries involved, no first responder will be dispatched. However, it is imperative that both an ambulance and a police officer are dispatched.

First responders are needed, always

Even relatively minor accidents can cause blood pressure spikes that can have severe medical consequences. A medical professional should check all vehicle occupants to ensure everyone is okay. In addition, an Albany police report can be a huge help for determining liability after the car accident.